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dj control air + pads signal overlap 11/05/2018 15h46
hello, from the last update of djuced, the software started behaving strange:
when i press the cuebutton 1 of deckA for enougth times the corrispondant cue of deck B is triggered and the 4 pads of deck A light up corresponding on the cue points of deck B.
this is a really big issue,my sets can be compromised, do you know how can i fix it?
DJUCED_Jan 1552 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: dj control air + pads signal overlap 14/05/2018 09h00

We absolutely can't reproduce this. When you say "press cue button 1 for enough times," how many times do you mean?
It may be worth uninstalling DJUCED 40°, delete "Documents/DJUCED 40" folder and install it again.
You will lose your settings, but it will reset DJUCED 40° installation.

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