V12_Ben 2 messages Windows 7 SP1 / Hercules Control Instinct S
Shallow bass depth when using controller 28/02/2018 23h37
Hi All,

I've just bought a Hercules DJ Control Instinct S and got it running with DJuced 18 on two different Windows 7 machines (1x laptop 1x desktop). The controller has a built in soundcard. 

At the moment I'm using two sets of headphones for speakers and monitoring.

Both controller and software works as expected however I have noticed on both machines that even when turning the bass level high on the controller, the bass is very much lacking in depth compared to say listening to the same music through the same headphones directly from the PC or laptop i.e. not using the controller.

Is there anything I can adjust within DJuced to get the same depth of bass when using the controller that I can when listening directly from the PC/Laptop?

Is this a limitation of the soundcard within the controller that the sound is coming from? 

If I run a male to male 3.5mm jack out of the controller and into the pc, then plug my headphones into the line out of the PC will this then use the amplification of the PC soundcard and give me the same depth of bass that I would when solely using the PC soundcard?

                                            TL:DR: Bass depth is FAR less than expected when using controller as opposed to listening directly from PC. Any way to improve this? 

Many thanks in advance.
DJUCED_Jan 1552 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: Shallow bass depth when using controller 01/03/2018 09h54

Do you use the same software to test on the PC sound card and on the DJControl Instinct sound card?
In DJUCED 18 we have an auto-gain so to level is never too high, but this does not change the basses. We also have a limiter, so if the volume is too high we are limiting it to avoid distortions. This can lower the basses, so you must always keep vu meters below red.

You can select your PC sound card in DJUCED audio settings, but in this case you will loose the headphones preview (or you need a 4 channels PC sound card).

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V12_Ben 2 messages Windows 7 SP1 / Hercules Control Instinct S
RE: Shallow bass depth when using controller 03/03/2018 16h03
Hi Jan,

Many thanks for the quick response. Yes you are right, turning down the channel gain allowed me to increase the bass level on the controller so that fixed my problem. 

Yes I'm using DJuced 18 on both the laptop and the PC.

I tried a male/male 3.5mm jack going out of the controller (speaker exit) which went into the line-in in the PC, then I plugged in my headphones (acting as speakers) into the PC line-out which was then using the PC soundcard. 

This gave me an even better quality of sound and deeper bass (maybe due to equalizer settings that I've set within Windows, I'm not sure). Only thing was that if you turn the volume right down you can hear a buzzing sound. Not really a problem as you can't hear it when the there's a lot of sound from the track and you can't hear this sound in the mix recording.

Many thanks for the advice.

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