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Hercules RMX2 - Play button responsiveness 23/01/2018 12h45
Hi there,

I am using Hercules RMX2 with DJUCED40 (latest SW and ASIO drivers) on Windows 7 pro.
With the hot cue point positioned in correspondence with the beatgrid ready to start the playback, the PLAY button shows a lack of responsiveness respect to CUE button, so that the track does not start immediately; instead, CUE button is always immediate and responsive, hence forcing me to use CUE button and shifting to PLAY once the mix is concluded.

In addition, if I press PLAY on DJUCED40 the start is immediate!

Could you please advise on how to solve it?


DJUCED_Jan 1552 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: Hercules RMX2 - Play button responsiveness 24/01/2018 15h23
Hello, we did not noticed this. Let us check if we can reproduce.

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lucapagliuca 82 messages WINDOWS 7 - HERCULES RMX2
RE: Hercules RMX2 - Play button responsiveness 28/01/2018 22h28
Hello Jan,
just to confirm that the play button issue described above is random and apparently not replicable. It happens with SYNC active from time to time after loading a track onto a deck. It is pretty annoying as unpredictable, please repeat some tests as I expect that sooner or later you will stumble into this corner case. Thanks
Victo 21 messages DJUCED Official Tester
RE: Hercules RMX2 - Play button responsiveness 21/02/2018 11h43
On DJUCED 40, Sync is a beat sync.
So it's matching the BPM and the BEATGRIDS between tracks.

So if sync is ON, when you press Play, the track wait to start, so it can be on the grid of the Master track.

I think it's a normal behavior.

because i like to beat match by ear, but i'm too lazy to set BPM with a pitchfader, I just use sync button to match the BPM between my tracks, then deactivate them to CUE/Play my songs.
lucapagliuca 82 messages WINDOWS 7 - HERCULES RMX2
RE: Hercules RMX2 - Play button responsiveness 22/02/2018 14h50
Hi there,

I would agree with your suggestion if the cue point was not set properly, the reason why I guees it's an issue is that the hot cue point is set in correspondence with the beatgrid: then, in some cases, pressing PLAY introduces a slight delay while pressing CUE playback starts always immediately.
Moreover, this is not systematic, meaning that in most cases playback (with PLAY) starts immediately without any delay.
Hope it clarifies the scenario and helps replicating the issue.
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