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Problem with Hercules Universal DJ Pitch faders

If the Hercules Universal DJ pitch faders are not working ...

Replies: 0 Viewed : 1729 05/01/2015 06h00 By DJUCED_Jan
Sync Button Doesn't work as normal

I have the DJ controller Instinct and i'm using DJUCED ...

Replies: 3 Viewed : 43 16/04/2018 09h03 By DJUCED_Jan
RAM problem using DJuced18, the tracks glitch

Hi everybody, I am new in the forum.I think I ...

Replies: 11 Viewed : 2574 30/03/2018 09h02 By DJUCED_Jan
Mapping for Pioneer DDJ - SB2

Hi there!!! Is there any chance to get a mapping for ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 86 26/03/2018 09h07 By DJUCED_Jan
DJUCED expires in 30 minutes. How to release.

I bought a Hercules DJ Control compact and downloaded the ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 165 26/02/2018 09h13 By DJUCED_Jan
iTunes-Library can't be imported

HelloI'm a Mac User but I just think that this problem ...

Replies: 20 Viewed : 3304 28/12/2017 08h47 By DJUCED_Jan
Djuced app on Pine64 and TV, no sound from speakers

Since the Djuced app does not work on my Samsung ...

Replies: 7 Viewed : 184 13/12/2017 08h39 By DJUCED_Jan
DjUced crashes while exploring folders

Hi, I have a big problem. When I explore the ...

Replies: 2 Viewed : 213 11/12/2017 08h58 By DJUCED_Jan
time limt

hi am a mac user is there any way to ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 248 01/12/2017 08h55 By DJUCED_Jan
Unexpected closure of Djuced 40 leading to Missing explorer on Djuced 40 screen

Hello,On my new MacBook Pro 2016, Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6, ...

Replies: 2 Viewed : 218 07/10/2017 16h58 By s75launay75
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