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DJUCED Video Tutorials

We are pleased to announce the new tutorial playlist. First tutorial, ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 2404 04/11/2015 23h57 By guilheme

i have a djcontrol mp3 le but the program does ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 15 18/05/2018 07h52 By DJUCED_Jan
I only seen two tutorials and Im pretty new at this

Somebody help me with the basics please im struggling

Replies: 1 Viewed : 40 09/05/2018 08h53 By DJUCED_Jan
DJUCED 18 stucked in demo mode

Hi Djuced communityFew days back I bought a Hercules DJ ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 50 25/04/2018 08h44 By DJUCED_Jan
Problem with changing the key of a song

Dear Djuced,Since I updated to 3.6.7, I noticed a change ...

Replies: 3 Viewed : 181 24/04/2018 09h02 By DJUCED_Jan
Own tunes mp3

Can any 1 help it wont let me import my ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 46 24/04/2018 08h58 By DJUCED_Jan
how to make a playlist and let it auto play

hey all, would like to ask how do i make ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 52 17/04/2018 09h04 By DJUCED_Jan
I don't see Beatgrid in Djuced 40° 3.6

Hi,I've Djuced  40° 3.6. I doesn't show the beatgrid when i load ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 51 13/04/2018 08h46 By DJUCED_Jan
How can I livestream my stets ?/Como puedo hacer streaming de sets?

Buenas tardes, me gustaría saber si puedo hacer streaming de ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 80 05/04/2018 09h01 By DJUCED_Jan
heey you all

heey im new here on this forum .my dj name ...

Replies: 1 Viewed : 88 30/03/2018 09h03 By DJUCED_Jan
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