sirmaltimor 4 messages DJControl Instinct
DjControl Instinct with DJuced 40? 25/06/2013 03h22
Please Help support team!
I worked with DJuced18 till from one moment to the other my headphones doesnt work anymore! i cant switch with the button even i hear nothing more!! i can switch master and stuf in settings than i can hear on my headphones again till i press button once than i wont work anymore!
now i tryed DJuced 40 and the things with my headphones output works there without problems except of the 30min demo i can get away reinstall all new drivers restartet everytime... what can i do?? please Help
Great work till today so keep up ;)
DJUCED_Rob 352 messages PC, Hercules RMX2
RE: DjControl Instinct with DJuced 40? 25/06/2013 19h23
Hi sirmaltimor. Please access the AUDIO Settings of DJUCED 18 and make sure the integrated sound card of your Instinct controller is as Audio Device. Also, For Master channel select Output 1&2 and for Headphones select 3&4.

Moreover, access your console's Control Panel and make sure that the headphones channel is set on channel 3-4 as well.

Hope this helps,
Andrea82 2 messages MAC OSX with DJ Control Instinct
RE: DjControl Instinct with DJuced 40? 10/05/2017 16h23
However it is very interesting to work with the DJUCED 40 and the Dj Control Instinct consolle? Is still possible to do this?
DJUCED_Jan 1552 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: DjControl Instinct with DJuced 40? 15/05/2017 09h51
Hello, you can use DJUCED 40° for 30 minutes.
It's because the DJControl Instinct has a DJUCED 18° license, but no DJUCED 40° license.

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