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DJUCED 18 stucked in demo mode 24/04/2018 15h44
Hi Djuced community

Few days back I bought a Hercules DJ Control Glow (and it's connected to a Mac running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1).
The controller works fine but i can't get rid of the demo mode 30 mins period.

I have the maximum urgence in solve this subject...and by the smoothest way possible.

Can anyone please help me?

Thanks in advance

DJUCED_Jan 1552 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: DJUCED 18 stucked in demo mode 25/04/2018 08h44

If you are in demo mode, the DJ Control Glow is not well installed.

1. Check that you have installed the drivers (get them on Hercules support).
2. Check the FAQ on hercules support:

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