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spotify 27/01/2018 00h12
I had read that djuced accepted Spotify and was one of the reasons why I bought hercules universal dj, now I find that I can not manage spotify from the software but just letting it enter from the aux input, which is very uncomfortable you should add it with the same functionality of Cobus and sound cloud. otherwise I will be forced to change software and even the controller.
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RE: spotify 27/01/2018 14h53
Yes DJUCED 40° support Qobuz streaming service. It offers Hi-Res streaming quality and 40 millions of titles.

We would be happy to integrate Spotify. You may share with them that you would like this too :-)


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[email protected] 2 messages osx 10.11.16 - Hercules universal dj
RE: spotify 28/01/2018 11h20
well do it as soon as possible, and specify it in advertising that spotify is not integrated into the software but is managed as an external aux, which is not the same thing.
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