DJUCED_Knut 40 messages Mac OS X, DJConsole RMX 2
[STICKY] Introduce yourself! 10/09/2012 04h04

Hello and welcome to the DJUCED official website!

First of all, please introduce yourself:

- Who are you?

- Where do you live ?

- What controller are you using?

- Where do you usually perform?...

We wanna know everything about you :)


DJnayro 8 messages Hercules RMX2
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 05/10/2012 19h53
I might be just as well the first one to reply :)

Im DJ Nayro, part of 'Roomservice': a DJ team that i formed last year with a friend of mine. I live in the northern part of Holland, where i play every now and then at local pubs and clubs. No intentions to become a huge name: DJ'ing just became a big hobby of mine. Besides DJ'ing, i'm a busy student who loves to go out as well, and play a hand of poker on a quiet night.

Have a good one!
DJnayro [Roomservice]
ekohrennat 2 messages Windows DJcontrol Mp3 LE
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 03/02/2013 01h37
Howdy, I'm Tanner Hoke. I use DJControl MP3 LE in rural Illinois typically performing for school dances. I started DJing in the summer of 2012. Being in my own business, I am a freelance. My Artist name is Ninety Vines (Dj business is Ninety Vines Music Entertainment). I am an electronic artist: here's my soundcloud:

huck it chuck it football
jesusjavier2 2 messages Windows 7 Rmx2
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 08/03/2013 16h56
hi!! i'm Javier and i live in Mexico i use a Rmx2 and i usually perform in partys or in my house.
mattbro 1 messages windows 8 hercules instinct
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 26/03/2013 18h41
hi im dj brough im a beginner dj just mainly mix trance tunes for myself, would like to get into the more techy deeper sides of djing im using hercules instinct console with either virtual dj or djuced 18 degress i live in stoke-on-trent, england
rubengzz 5 messages vista, dj control air
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 04/07/2013 12h07
Hey guys, I'm Ruben originally from Mexico but living in Germany since years, since many months visiting clubs in Berlin, I became "addicted" to the electronic music to the point that I would like to mix my own stuff, that's how I bought the dj control air to start this new hobbie.
djdino 1 messages Hercules Dj control air
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 03/12/2013 16h04
Im dj Dino,
Iive in The Netherlands.
i'm new here i just got my first MIDI controller: Hercules Dj Control Air.
I really wanna start, but i don't know how.
So, please Help me.

I'm a beginner dj.
omnuom 1 messages Windows XP Hercules Dj Control Air
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 21/01/2014 08h35
I'm dj Omnuom,
live in Saint-Petersburg.
I'm new dj, and Hercules Dj Control Air
it's my first midi controller!

vitormanita 3 messages hercules Dj Control Air +
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 25/01/2014 22h41
Hello guys! i'm 16 years old and i've uploaded my first mix on youtube! if you guys could check it out i would be so thankful!
thanks everybody!
take care!
seth 1 messages rmx 2
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 14/02/2014 20h56
hoi ik ben seth ook een dj ik heb een vraag vooor je ik wil graag weten hoe ik moet mixen kan jij het me uit legen 

hello i am i dj and producer i mix house music and electro music
scope94 1 messages OSX Hercules Dj Control Instinct
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 25/05/2014 03h12
Hey guys,
Im DJ Polar out of Scranton, Pa just started DJing this past year in college. 
I use a Hercules Dj Control Instinct 
I DJ at our house parties at school and I'm trying to learn some new stuff
I recently posted my first mix onto my soundcloud if you can take a look it would be great. It would be better if you shared it too!
Dj NukklZ 1 messages Windows 8.1, Hercules DJ CONTROL INSTINCT
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 26/07/2014 23h48
  I am Known as DJ nukklz, also as Mobstarr nukklz, I live in Tulsa OK, USA  at this moment I do alot of traveling when I can afford to do so. I use DJ control Instinct, and Pioneer digital dj-sb depending on what I want to do and how I want it to sound. I am a begginer but have a very healthy education in Music theory and practice.  I  am DJ for private parties, weddings, and local clubs on alternating weekends.http//
Mobstarr NukklZ
synthjoris 9 messages OS X, RMX2
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 25/08/2014 12h01
Hello people!

Thanks for the space to introduce myself ; )

I'm Joris, all-round DJ from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I've been playing paid gigs at private parties since 2009 growing from a Hercules DJC to the RMX and currently the RMX2 and Macbook Pro. Virtual DJ has been my software so far, but last weekend I did my firs public set using DJuced. I really like the look and feel and may switch permanently. I have some questions and suggestions, so will be using this forum again!


Check my website:

sheayten 1 messages windows 8 djcontrouler instinct
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 24/09/2014 15h49

hi im sheayten

im from the Netherlands just buyd my dj controller instickt playing with it now

Night Simon 5 messages Windows 7, Dj Hercules Control Instinct
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 03/10/2014 07h43
Hi, brothas and sistas.
I call myself NightSimon cuz lots of my serious business and crazy bullshit happens at night. So... One day 6 weeks before I was at Edinburgh and searched for a corner to take a piss. And then - wholla! I've found a shop of used items where I bought my first Dj Hercules Control Instinct instead.
I'm addicted to Djing, Dancing, Rapping and other elements of hip hop but not gonna create music just for drunk people which I'd call 'loop' music. That's why I prepare for my first set for so long. I am at Holland, taking my internship studies and can't wait to my first set.
Nightlife is cool but my style changes to Street Life Simon cuz life is getting real
djchinzz 1 messages Window 7 Hercules Air
RE: RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 14/11/2014 21h01
Hello All,

I am DJ Chinzz from India, I am IT guy by profession but DJ by heart and soul.  Plays House,Tech house, industrial Hiphop, commercial  n all. I have started as hobby 10 years back. Along with my iT job i am part time DJ. 
DJUCED_Jan 1553 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: RE: RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 17/11/2014 09h21
Welcome to all of you!

Keep Calm, enjoy mixing and don't forget to register to our newsletter.

rama1 2 messages windows 7 ultimate hercules djcontrol instinct
RE: RE: RE: RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 07/12/2014 04h33
hiya every1 im a dj/vj from the uk i love mixing  uk hardcore tracks in my spare time i also produce my own uk hardcore music another passion of mine is 3d  animation & motion visual art for my tracks i  also make professional dj drops so if anybodys interested get in touch with me my email address is  [email protected]
 i can personalise to your genure of music & your dj name both highest quality audio & hd video. just let me know what you need & im sure i can get u what you need to take you to the next level

hard 2 da core
Anseric 1 messages Windows 8, Hercules Instinct
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 27/12/2014 18h31

Hello i'm Anseric and I live in Belgium. I've been djing for almost 2 years now. I have 2 DJ projects, one alone and one with a friend. I practice with my Hercules DJ Control Instinct. I usually perform on birthdays but also bigger parties. When I perform I usually use the gear there, mostly CDJ 2000. If there is no gear I use my controller. I'm verry happy with it and it has teached me a lot. 


Pax6 13 messages Windows with Hercules Universal
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 05/11/2015 16h17
Hello I'm Pax6, 25, Amsterdam. I've been a semi-pro musician (vocals/guitar/bass) for most of my life and played in 8 different bands and toured around the world. Started producing Drum & Bass about 3 years ago. Only recently started DJing. I started out on vinyl but it was a lot of hassle due to space issues so I bought myself something digital. Hope my musician ears can help me out with DJing as well.

All the best
Prophtek 1 messages DJ control instinct/ win 7 (for now)
RE: RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 28/12/2015 06h07
Hello hello,
  Prophtek here, from Tulsa, OK.
I help people with preparing for parties/ and DJ for them mostly private, but at leas 3x a month I  get to head down and work with various clubs here.

I do not consider myself the best, but like to give people a good run for their Always looking to improve my skills , look me up on soundcloud as well...Peace
Prophtek =)
BlackUniGryphon 2 messages Windows 7
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 03/01/2016 18h06
Hi, I'm Kandice.

I'm trying to figure out where the troubleshooting is. I just got the Hercules DJControl GLOW, followed all the install directions. The software is working but the hardware isn't.

How do I get the deck to actually work?

I'm totally new at this.

The link to some videos uses a different device, and makes it seem like you just plug it in and it works. But, that doesn't happen at all.

First it told me it didn't even recognize that i had a controller or MIDI, the  I rebooted the software a few times, and it finally did recognize it. But, it still didn't work.

I'm on Windows 7 Gateway Computer desktop (and NO my computer just won't upgrade to Windows 10, I have no idea why it never works, and I've tried for months in vain, and Microsoft also had no clue why) I also have a new NVIDIA Geforce videocard which is working fine.

Black UniGryphon @---~---~-----
Roses are red, and violettes are PURPLE! My Favorite color!
DJUCED_Jan 1553 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 04/01/2016 09h14
Hi Kandice,

Can you confirm that:
The Hercules DJ Control Glow is detected by DJUCED 18° because DJUCED 18° is not in demo mode?
The controller does nothing?

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ToughRocket521346 1 messages Windows 10 (64-bit), Hercules DJControl MP3 LE
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 09/05/2016 19h02
Hello everyone, 

My name is Robin, I'm an 18-year old student from Belgium. 
I want to get to know a bit of DJing, so I bought a Hercules DJControl MP3 LE DJ pad. 

I myself am a musician, specifically clarinet and bass clarinet. 

from sunny Belgium! 
DJUCED_Jan 1553 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 10/05/2016 09h02

I hope you'll enjoy DJUCED 18°.

Keep Calm, enjoy mixing and don't forget to register to our newsletter.

Marcandre 3 messages Windows 7 + RMX 2
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 29/06/2016 17h28
Hi to all. My name is Andrew and write from Italy. I have a RMX 2 as first console;  I am very happy for this first experience in DJing. My art name is Marcandré. My English level is like Djing, sorry :) I'am very interested to use some another midi console near RMX 2 to have a better ergonomy with samples. But I have read that this isn't possible at now. Have a good day to all.
DJUCED_Jan 1553 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 30/06/2016 09h01

I checked with the development team.
You can already use two Hercules controllers with DJUCED 40° but they are controlling the same things.
They are planning to release some update this autumn to be able to use one controller on deck A/B and a second controller on deck C/D.

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PowerhouseFender 6 messages Hércules Universal Dj
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 05/07/2016 13h03
< >> Quote < < <
< Ciao, sono Larry e vivo in Italia. Piacere di conoscervi!!!
audiodjmp77 3 messages Windows 10 and DJ Air
Introduce yourself! 01/09/2016 21h51
Evening All,

My name is Martyn and come from East Yorkshire. I used to DJ the old way (Kam turntables, then moved onto cd's and didn't really like using them) I have now been bought forward, kicking and screaming, metaphorically speaking.

I now have a Hercules DJ Control Air, which I am learning about.

Hope to speak soon
DJ Lion 2 messages DJ Lion
Good evening everyone, 06/10/2016 23h41
hello my name is lion ,from Amsterdam,
i have a djcontrol compact, it,s good shit.
yes i like it , good music en yes i wan,t more.
super toys hahaha,
i bought next mount a bigger herculescontrol,
i beyed for the fun but i like it.

o sorry my engels is bad bad bad....

have a nice day everyone,

DJ lion hahah
DJUCED_Jan 1553 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 07/10/2016 17h14
A warm welcome to all of you, from the DJUCED team

(O - O)

Keep Calm, enjoy mixing and don't forget to register to our newsletter.

RobertdelRey 1 messages Robert's desk
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 09/10/2016 18h18
good afternoon my name is Robert Del Rey I am fron the dominican republic at this time I am waiting for my controller I ordered a Hercules DJControl Instinct S series and I haven't performed anywhere, I hope that at least I can learn to play in parties
Through power I gain victory, through victory my chains are broken
Enki66 1 messages Hercules P32 DJ on Windows 10
RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 21/10/2016 16h43
Salut a tous, je debute sur le djing et j'ai deja un probleme avec mon controlleur et le logiciel qui ne se syncronise pas... sinon je suis plutot dans le son rave moi :3 hard techno , trance , d'n'b etcc :) bisous
DJUCED_Jan 1553 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 24/10/2016 09h11
Bienvenue Enki dans la communauté.

Si vous avez un problème vous pouvez demander dans ce forum: 

Keep Calm, enjoy mixing and don't forget to register to our newsletter.

ub1 4 messages windows 8.1 hercules p32
RE: RE: RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 15/12/2016 20h30
Hi all i,m ub1 from US
making new dance music
DJUCED_Jan 1553 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: RE: RE: RE: [STICKY] Introduce yourself! 16/12/2016 09h02
Welcome UB1

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