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DJUCED Version 1.0.52 10/09/2012 15h37

Supported products

- DJ Control AIR
- DJControl Instinct

Installation procedure:

1- Click the link below to download the latest update for DJUCED.

Alternatively, you can also use the button Check for Update in the ABOUT tab of DJUCED configuration menu.

2- Once the download is complete, double-click the installation file and follow the onscreen instructions.


- Fixed a very rare issue of Midi detection on some Windows XP computers.
- DJUCED is now Saving All Cue Points, Autogain value, BPM and Key in the database.
- DJUCED can now read all .wma files on Windows XP
- VU-Meter Value has been corrected.
- Faster Global Waveform Display.


1/ Autogain system, General Volume Boost and Master Limiter

2/ Settings Panel has been redesigned

3/ Automatically split larges recording Files

4/ Improved Equalization with 3 Profiles

5/ Audio settings, Call the soundcard panel

6/ Jog Wheel navigation when a track is stopped to a better CUE Point Setting

7/ Key of the track is now displayed in the Track Information

To download DJUCED v1.0.52:

Mac OS X: djuced_v1.0.52.dmg

Windows: djuced_v1.0.52.exe


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