MarcusGabriel 1 messages OSX 10.9.5 DJcontrol instinct p8
Playlist order lost 19/03/2018 20h19
Hi, I was  putting my songs in order in a playlist I was creating, and accidentally pressed on "genre", it desorganized hours of work, and I would very much like to know how to reverse this. I am new to this software (obviously) and I cannot believe there isn't a control+Z type of move, or that if you accidentally click on a menu title you just lose you mix, since it would be incredibly risky during an event or any job. However I couldn't seem to find a solution to that. Thanks for your attention
DJUCED_Jan 1552 messages Mac OSX 10.12, DJControl P32DJ
RE: Playlist order lost 20/03/2018 09h22

The playlist order is modified each time you sort the playlist by genre/artists/title/...
We are changing the playlist management, and into the next major version you will be able to preserve the order of the playlist after manually sorting tracks.
For now a workaround can be putting a track number into the comment field.

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