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Djuced Master app and RMX2... 19/07/2017 14h57
Hi there,

I understand that Master app works only with BT enabled consoles, is there any plan to overcome this limitation by using the app together with the PC/laptop (via BT) where Djuced40 is running?

Would it be a possible development or BT connectivity does not allow to remotize such commands?

DJUCED_Knut 40 messages Mac OS X, DJConsole RMX 2
RE: Djuced Master app and RMX2... 26/07/2017 17h30
The DJuced Master is supposed to control only the MIDI part of the console. 
This is why it is designed to work only with BT consoles and only when these consoles are connected and used with the computer. Instead of using the actual MIDI components from the unit you can use the mobile phone to remotely control the MIDI part of the unit. 

For the moment this app will remain compatible only with BT consoles. 
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