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How to party ? 06/01/2015 04h01

Want to use DJUCED Master party feature?

What do to need:

* Apple or Android smartphone or tablet with DJUCED Master

DJUCED Master on the App Store 

DJUCED Master in the Play Store

* PC or Mac with DJUCED 40°

DJUCED 40° in downloads section.

These are the 5 steps:

1/ In DJUCED 40° drag songs to “My Party” to build your party playlist

2/ In DJUCED 40° click on “My Party” icon and upload your playlist to DJUCED Cloud

3/ You get the party address (and QRCode) and your DJ "MASTER" code

4/ In DJUCED Master set you DJ "MASTER" code in the settings (the tab that opens on left)

5/ Share the party address with your guests, they can open it on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, connected TV,…

Now your guest can vote and send you messages from the Party page. You get the results in DJUCED Master.

Keep Calm, enjoy mixing and don't forget to register to our newsletter.

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